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While self-evaluate, as a President of the Indian Coffee Workers' Co-operative Society Limited, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, I have immense pleasure and profound satisfaction to state that, the Indian Coffee Workers' Co-operative Society Limited, Jabalpur, successfully completed 60 years and celebrated its Diamond Jubilee this year (1958-2018).

The Society has made a spectacular success story in the history of co-operative movement, not only in Madhya Pradesh but in all over India. It started from a humble manner in the year 1958 and during this period, it has flourished into a fine Institution in the hospitality services and has set new standard in the efficiency of service and built a Superior brand image which is respected and appreciated by the Public at large.

The Society was started with very nominal Capital of Rs. 1,365.00,16 members. It started its 1st branch of Indian Coffee House at Jabalpur in a rented building. Slowly the Society could achieve the faith of the public with its style which gained successes in conquering the heart of lacs of people. Now the Society has more than 5000 member cum employees working in its 135 branches spreaded over in 19 States of India.

O.K. Rajagopalan,

The initial stage of the Society, were extremely difficult period and challenging. It had to witness many ups and downs in its journey. In beginning, two decades, the growth was slow and the profit from Sales was very less. The wages and other emoluments were very nominal and the workload was too heavy. Rapid progress of the Society is taken place after 2 decades.

I joined the Society in the year 1968 as an ordinary worker. I was elected and assigned with the responsibility of the Secretary of the Society by its workers in the year 1981 (then in 2004 elected as President). This was a high responsibility and challenging assignment to me. The financial position of the Society was not so good. However, I had a strong determination, one day the Society will reach in a good position. Along with this my ultimate dream was: (1) to make recognition to the Society in all over India (2) Providing Support for the development of Co-operative movement in our country (3) Providing more and more employment facilities to youth by way of opening more branches (4) better livelihood to workers (5) Providing standard food to the Customers at the rates affordable to common man.

I began to plans for the same step by step. I analyzed the strength as well as the weakness of the Society. I understood the strength of the Society is its dedicated and sincere work-force. I decided to utilize this strength properly. I was fully confident that, if given suitable guidance and lead them properly, this workers can do miracles and can conquer the new heights. I realized that, to improve the conditions of the Society it is necessary to provide better wages to the workers, assuring a standard life to them. Because the progress of any institutions depends upon the satisfaction of its workers. The workers also fully supported me.

Today in the occasion of our diamond jubilee year, I have satisfaction that, a vision is fulfilled, a dream materialized, an effort succeeded and an ambition justified.

The Society by its pronounced and uninterrupted growth prove that, how goodwill, honesty and hard work of the common workers can build an Institution which has tremendous Social significance as well as for improving the lifestyle and standard of its employees.

Today's position of the Society is the results of our teamwork, customers support, Co-operation and guidance from the different departments connected to us on different fields. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated workers, valuable Customers, and all supporters, different departments for the guidance, and all well-wishers especially for the founder members.

It has to emphasis that, the Society started from a humble manner and flourished into a fine Institution, appreciation of the Public at large proved that the " cooperative way is the best way " and the most democratic mode for development of an institution.

This is a Society "of the employees"
"by the employees" & "for the employees"

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O.K. Rajagopalan


V.V. Antony

Vice President

K.V. Jayadevan

Vice President

M. Prakasan

Hony. Secretary

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Hony. Treasurer

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Committee Member

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