About Us

The Indian Coffee Workers' Co-operative Society Limited, Jabalpur, is one of the most successful co-operative Societies in India and also an ISO 9001:2008 Certified co-operative society. It has several branches working in different parts of India.

It is the main character of the Society that, it is fully owned and controlled by its workers only without any external interference. The Society started with a humble beginning. But it tremendously acquired the attraction of the public with its style. It had given maximum concentration towards Customers satisfaction. Thus The Indian Coffee workers' co-operative Society Limited, Jabalpur could make a spectacular success story in the history of cooperative movement not only in Madhya Pradesh, but all over India during these 57 years of its existence. It has flourished in to a fine institution in the hospitality services and has set new standards in efficiency of service and built a Superior brand image which is respected and appreciated by the public at large in our country.

The Society by its pronounced and uninterrupted growth also proved how goodwill honesty and hard work of the common workers can build institutions which has tremendous social significance as well as the welfare of thousands of its members and dependants. The Society is providing Caterings Services, aromatic Coffee and delicious refreshments through its “ Indian Coffee Houses ” at important cities of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

The Society is also Running Lodge/Hotel India at Jabalpur, Bhopal, Satna, Gwalior, Bhilai and Korba. Besides this, the Society has undertaken several Canteens, VIP Guest Houses, Field Hostels, Trainees Hostel, ETs Hostels etc. on Contract basis under different projects of Public undertakings and private Sectors.

Running our units in no loss – no profit and providing more and more employment facilities to the youth of India is our moto. This is a co-operative Society “ of the Workers ” “ for the Workers ” and “ by the Workers ”.

Main Objects

1.To run Coffee Houses/Canteens for the supply of high grade liquid Coffee, Coffee Powder, eatables and other allied refreshments in reasonable rates to the public and do propaganda and publicity for the Indian Coffee Houses.
2.To promote the Welfare of the Indian Coffee Workers.
3.Developing the Co-operative movement in all over India.To Organize Social educational and recreational activities for the benefits of its members and their families and children.Providing more and more employment facilities to the young generation from all provinces of India.
4.Every employee who has completed 2 years of satisfactory services is enrolled as a member of the Society. An important feature of the Society is that, it is an entirely Workers' Co-operative Society. Employees alone are its Members. No outsiders are provided the membership. The membership will be cancelled when employees resign/retire from the Society.
5.All the employment is done at first ladder and thereafter the Promotions are given to them in accordance with Seniority cum Merit. All other Officers including, the Sr. General Manager, Sr. Chief Accountant, Sr. Chief Internal Auditor and Managers were at One time Ordinary Workers at much lower level.


The Management of the Society is vested in a management Committee. The Committee is consisting of 11 members (President, Vice President, Hony. Secretary, Hony. Joint Secretary, Hony. Treasurer and six Committee Members.

The present Managing Committee Members are Shri. O.K. Rajagopalan (President), Shri V.Reghunathan Pillai and Shri V.V. Antony (Vice President), Shri. P.D. Varghese (Hony. Secretary), Shri. M. Prakasan (Hony. Joint Secretary), Shri. T.A. Kamanachandran (Hony. Treasurer) Shri. K.K. Balachandran (Committee Member), Shri. K.T.N. Rajesh (Committee Member), Shri. K.V. Jayadevan (Committee Member), Shri P.T. Harindran (Committee Member), Shri. K.S. Sunil (Committee Member).

In addition to this there is a Senior General Manager to the Society for the General Administration and for the entire control of the Society. He is acts according to the directions of the Managing Committee from time to time. At present Shri. O.K. Rajagopalan is the Sr. General Manager of the Society. The Branch Managers are responsible for the smooth functioning of the Branches.

Affiliation with the AICWCS Federation

The Indian Coffee Workers’ Co-operative Societies in different provinces have formed a Federation with its Head Quarter at Delhi. The Jabalpur Society is also a member of the Federation. The Federation has been constituted since 1960 and has provided to be of great help and assistance to the Societies. Shri. O.K. Rajagopalan, President of this Society, is the Chairman of the Federation.

We are sensitive to respond to the changing consumer expectations and to customize exquisite multi cuisine dishes to meet customers’ needs and give best value for money.

We give a great respect to our customers keeping in mind the words of Mahatma Gandhi, he viewed about Customers that:

Cooperative way the best way.