Our Foods Menu
Chicken Biriyani (Full)
Chicken Biriyani (half))
Chicken Curry (Full)
Chicken Curry (Half)
Chicken Masala (Full)
Chicken Masala (Half)
Chicken Fried
Chicken Roast
Sweet Sour Chicken
Chicken Handi (Full)
Chicken Handi (Half)
Chicken Achari
Fried Spring Chicken
Chicken with Vegetable
Chicken Sagwala
Chicken Dopyaja
Chicken Dahiwala
Chicken Sahi Korma
Chicken Muglai (Full)
Chicken Muglai (Half)
Chicken Kadai (Full)
Chicken Kadai (Half)
Chicken Adaraki
Chicken Bhartha (Full)
Chicken Bhartha (Half)
Chicken Korma
Chicken Fried in Eggs
Chicken Kashmiri
Chicken Lolli Pop
Chicken Salt & Papar
Chicken 65 (Bone)
Chicken 65 (Boneless)
Butter Chicken Bone (Full)
Butter Chicken Bone (Half)
Butter Chicken Boneless (Full)
Butter Chicken Boneless (Half)
Garlic Chicken Bone (Full)
Garlic Chicken Bone (Half)
Garlic Chicken Boneless (Full)
Garlic Chicken Boneless (Half)
Ginger Chicken Bone
Ginger Chicken Boneless
Chicken Kumari
Chicken ICH Special
Chicken Haldka Noodle
Egg Fried Rice
Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken Noodles
Chicken Choupesy
Chinese Choupesy
Chilli Chicken (Full) Boneless
Chilli Chicken (Half) Boneless
Chilli Chiken (Full) Boneless
Chilli Chicken (Half) Boneless
American Choupesy
Mutton Fried Rice
Mixed Noodles
Chicken Manchurian


Eggs Curry
Eggs Masala
Eggs Bhurjee
Eggs Biriyani
Eggs Pulao
Eggs Bhurjee Curry


Mutton Biriyani(Full)
Mutton Biriyani (Half)
Mutton Curry (Full)
Mutton Curry (Half)
Mutton Masala (Full)
Mutton Masala (Half)
Mutton Fried
Mutton fried in Eggs
Mutton Rogan Josh
Mutton Shahi Korma
Mutton Muglai
Mutton Dopyaja
Mutton Sagwala
Mutton Kashmiri
Mutton Saw
Mutton ICH Special
Mutton Dahiwala
Keema Curry
Keema Masala
Mutton Haldka Noodle
Mutton Rana


Egg Pakoda
Egg Cutlet (2 Piece)
Mutton Cutlet (2 Piece)
Keema Pakoda
Mutton Omelet
Scrambled Eggs with Toast
Boiled Egg (2 Eggs)
Omelet (2 Eggs)
Fried Eggs (2 Eggs)
Tamato Omelet (2 Eggs)
Cheese Omelet (2 Eggs)


Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup
Chicken Noddle Soup
Mutton Soup
Mushroom Soup
Tomato Egg Soup
Egg Sweet Corn Soup

Non Veg. Hot & Sour Soup

Non Veg. Thali (Limit)