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President’s Desk

I have immense pleasure and profound satisfaction to reveal that, the Indian Coffee Workers' Co-operative Society Limited, Jabalpur, has made a spectacular success story in the history of co-operative movement, not only in Madhya Pradesh but in all over India. It started from a humble manner in the year 1958 and during this period, it has flourished into a fine Institution in the hospitality services and has set new standard in the efficiency of service and built a Superior brand image which is respected and appreciated by the Public at large.

The Society by its pronounced and uninterrupted growth also proved how goodwill, honesty and hard work of the common workers can build an Institution which has tremendous Social significance and in improving the lifestyle and standard of so many of its employees. I am very much thankful to entire workers of this Society.

It has to emphasis that, the Society started from a humble manner and flourished into a fine Institution, appreciation of the Public at large proved that the " cooperative way is the best way " and the most democratic mode for development of an institution.

This is an Institution "of the employees"
"by the employees" & "for the employees"